11th December 2015
Hey, I must tell you that I am so impressed with your music - Minnie Bono, Chicago, Illinois, USA

26th November 2015
I really love your music! - Herschel Tillman, London, UK

22nd November 2015
Your songs are truly magical! - Irma Geiger, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

22nd November 2015
Good music! Enjoying your tracks - DJ Antonio, Valencia, Spain

31st October 2015
Hi! I just stopped by to show my support for your music. Thanks for creating great music that we (the fans) want to play over and over - Mollie Hox, Morell, Prince Edward Island, Canada

23rd October 2015
Must Be Love . . . a great rockin' tune - Sirens Harbor (Rock Band), Vienna, Austria

21st October 2015
I love your music so much! It kept me hooked and I kept listening to it on replay - Alison Macondray, Houston, Texas, USA

15th October 2015
Hi Gordon, I really enjoyed listening to your work - Kerry Leigh, Sacramento, California, USA

2nd July 2015   Acoustic Night @ The Bayshill, Cheltenham
Enjoyed our trip up to the Bayshill for Gordon Wood's Acoustic Night . . . and we got to do our version of Gordon's wonderful song Midnight Rodeo - Silurian (Country Rock Duo), Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, South Wales, UK

2nd July 2015   Acoustic Night @ The Bayshill, Cheltenham
I thank Gordon Wood for a great evening and for playing my request, Like a Rolling Stone . . . Well sung
Edward Fletcher, Cheltenham, Glos, UK

2nd June 2015
Midnight Rodeo . . . Should have sold a million! - Syd Sully, Newport, Monmouthshire, South Wales, UK

27th May 2015
Enjoyed Run Johnny Run . . . Great singing and writing . . . Cool tune! - Vern Johnson, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

10th May 2015
Great country music! - Vaino Kumpulainen, Waubaushene, Ontario, Canada

5th May 2015
Run Johnny Run . . . I love it - Jason James, Seattle, Washington, USA

26th April 2015
Midnight Rodeo . . . I instantly luv this song, written and performed by the talented Gordon Wood . . . and it grows on you with repeated listening - Jeremy Bosanquet, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, South Wales, UK

7th March 2015
Your music is absolutely awesome - Cornell Cantu, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, UK

22nd February 2015   Songs on Reverbnation profile
Great sounds, vocals, lyrics and vibe . . . Keep up the great work - Mike Davis, Spindleberry, Devon, UK

16th February 2015   Acoustic Night @ The Bayshill, Cheltenham
Best acoustic night in the county - Paul Rosser, Whitecroft, Gloucestershire, UK

18th December 2014
Must Be Love . . . Nice Track - Madi White, Berthoud, Colorado, USA

1st September 2014
Keep on creating the amazing music you are doing and stay inspired always! - Simon Hussey, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

18th August 2014
Run Johnny Run . . . Incredible vocal, Gordon. Your style is impressive. Best wishes
Chuck Brunicardi , Los Angeles, California, USA

17th August 2014   Songs on Reverbnation profile
Hi Gordon, had a good listen to all the trax . . . Great music . . . Trying to pick a favourite, but liked them all . . . All the best
Bill Stewart, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

7th August 2014   Acoustic Night @ The Bayshill, Cheltenham
Vapor really enjoyed performing at the Bayshill Pub tonight. Thanks to Gordon Wood for booking us and running a very professional session - Mark Venus, Bristol, UK

4th July 2014
Super excellent music !!! - Budd Zunga, Syracuse, New York, USA

1st May 2014   Gordon Wood Band @ Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2014
Big thanks to Gordon Wood, Stephen Wood and Damon Thomas for a great gig tonight. Loved playing with you guys - great sound, great groove, great songs. Well done to all of you . . . and of course to me, I plucked a string or two
Derek Rutherford, Gloucester, UK

1st May 2014   Gordon Wood Band @ Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2014
Thank you to Gordon Wood for inviting me to join him at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival this evening . . .
the band sounded great! - Emma Stone (alto saxophone), Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK

1st May 2014   Gordon Wood Band @ Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2014
Tonight I enjoyed a magnificent gig in Montpellier Gardens, watching the Gordon Wood Band
Edward Fletcher, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

6th April 2014
Great sounding music! - Michael Paisley, Athens, Tennessee, USA

21st January 2014
Great sounds coming out of the UK! Keep up the good work - Starch Monkey (Rock Band), Los Angeles, California, USA

9th December 2013
Highway Blues, Run Johnny Run, Midnight Rodeo, And The Sun Will Shine . . . Great music
Edward Fletcher, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

5th December 2013   Acoustic Night @ The Bayshill, Cheltenham
What a great evening at the Bayshill last night! The choir were brilliant - an inspired choice. Well done Gordon Wood!
Paul MacAulay, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

14th October 2013
Must Be Love . . . Good song - Amanda Cooksey, Orlando, Florida, USA

21st September 2013
Hi there! Digging your music. Sounds very cool. Keep up the good work - Jan Honemann Hansen, Copenhagen, Denmark

1st September 2013
Wicked, good rockin tuneage, Gordon . . . love the soul and heartbreak you got going on Midnight Rodeo . . .
and, boy oh boy, do you put the Rock into rockabilly with So Long Blues . . . SunStudioTastic sound and energy !!
Mike White, London, UK

20th August 2013
Gordon, very impressed and moved by your work. All the best - Les Boyko, Auburn, Washington, USA

9th August 2013   Acoustic Night @ The Bayshill, Cheltenham
What a cracking night we had at Gordon and Geoff's Acoustic Night at The Bayshill. They sure know how to set things up to make you feel comfortable . . . and the other acts were brilliant. Many thanks
Steve Kent and Ade Lawson, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

4th August 2013
Run Johnny Run and Midnight Rodeo . . . Great stuff !! - Linwood Riverside, Rialto, California, USA

2nd August 2013   Gordon Wood and Phil Bird @ Gloucester Rhythm & Blues Festival 2013
Cracking gig last night, Gordon. You and Phil kicked it up a treat! - Derek Rutherford, Gloucester, UK

21st July 2013
Awesome sounds . . . Great . . . Keep up the good work - James Holmes, Glen Burnie, Maryland, USA

4th July 2013   Acoustic Night @ The Bayshill, Cheltenham
Our first gig at the Bayshill yesterday and I'm well impressed with Gordon Wood's set up: Quality sounding P.A, individual monitors and fantastic lighting . . . Great atmosphere and support. It was well worth the wait
Mark Remes, Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

5th June 2013
Enjoyed your music. Very good - Bob Wyatt, Dearborn Heights, Michigan, USA

24th May 2013
Awesome tracks. Keep up the good work. Much love from Ukraine - HiperChel (All Girl Rock Band), Cherkassy, Ukraine

20th May 2013
Very cool tunes and great sound! - Susan Martin, Houston, Texas, USA

14th May 2013
Hi Gordon . . . And The Sun Will Shine is great stuff! - Sixth Street Band, Jonesboro, Louisiana, USA

28th April 2013
Gordon, sounding awesome on here! Loving Run Johnny Run . . . you have such a COOL voice!! Top stuff. All the best
The Fores (Indie Rock Band), Leicester, UK

21st April 2013
Absolutely outstanding songs and vocals . . . Gordon, keep up the truly wonderful work . . . you are a very gifted and talented artist - Robert Steven Hunt, Reading, Berkshire, UK

19th April 2013
Midnight Rodeo has a sound that I love . . . I can't stop listening . . . Take care! - Jim Tersol, Castelltercol, Spain

11th April 2013
Run Johnny Run is a great song! Loved it! - Fotis Papastavrou, Thessaloniki, Greece

31st March 2013
Really enjoyed your tracks Midnight Rodeo and So Long Blues. Great tunes and vocals and guitar work . . . great sound.
Well done - Mikie Campro, Dallas, Texas, USA

11th February 2013
Nice tunes, great vocals and excellent musicianship - Cosmo Grassano, Hoboville, New Jersey, USA

31st January 2013
Great country sound on Midnight Rodeo . . . well written and well played . . . has all the ingredients of a great song and you sound like Bob Dylan - J.J. Stuart, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA

31st January 2013
Really enjoyed hearing your music, nicely written and performed. Take care - Kerry Leigh, Sacramento, California, USA

14th January 2013
We love your songs! - Lizard In Paris (Rock Band), Bucharest, Romania

1st January 2013
Hi Gordon, Great vocals and lyrics. All the best for the New Year - Derrick Fernandez, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

9th November 2012   Acoustic Night @ The Bayshill, Cheltenham
Big thanks, Gordon, for another great night of music . . . looking forward to next month - John Plane, Gloucester, UK

8th November 2012   Acoustic Night @ The Bayshill, Cheltenham
Gordon, many thanks for a fab night and making us feel so welcome! - Stuart Earl, Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

5th November 2012
You have great songs - Red Cadillac Gang (Country Band), Lecce, Italy

14th October 2012
Just enjoyed listening to Run Johnny Run - well done! - Les Heathcock, Stafford, Texas, USA

11th October 2012
You are like Dylan and Johnny Cash combined - Mark Gruebel, Mukwonago, Wisconsin, USA

26th September 2012
Great music! . . . And The Sun Will Shine is a powerful song
Still InLimbo (Rock Artist), Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada

22nd September 2012
Great storytelling, fine music! - Joel Berman, Morrisville, Pennsylvania, USA

18th September 2012
Greetings from Oklahoma. Really diggin your sound !!! - Joel Wilson and The Revival, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

10th September 2012
Great songs. Love your music - Randy Morris, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

6th September 2012   Acoustic Night @ The Bayshill, Cheltenham
Gordon! Good to meet up/hear you play and a big thanks for putting me on last night. I really enjoyed it . . . nice place, friendly people and thanks for a great sound. Cheers for now - Tim Manning, Newport, South Wales, UK

6th September 2012   Acoustic Night @ The Bayshill, Cheltenham
Thanks again, Gordon, for inviting me down to perform . . . Had a great time - Damon Thomas, Gloucester, UK

3rd September 2012   Worcester Music Festival 2012
Hi, Now that Worcester Music Festival is over for another year and we've (just about) recovered, everyone on the committee wants to take this opportunity to send you a HUGE thank you for performing and supporting the festival. We hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have. We've had loads of positive feedback from audience members and venues and plenty of press coverage which we've been really pleased about. Thank you again for playing last weekend and supporting our amazing Worcester music scene. Best wishes - Helen King, Co-Chair, Worcester Music Festival

29th August 2012   1985 Recordings by The Road Runners featuring Gordon Wood
Hi Gord, Remember me - I engineered and produced those infamous yet superb Roadrunners 'Recording Sessions'. I've still got the Master Tapes. Good to see you are doing well, my friend, and getting the credit you have always deserved. Get in touch sometime - Guy J Mitchell, Alicante, Spain

22nd August 2012
Great sound . . . well done . . . wishing you the best - Kelly Rose Band, Horseheads, New York, USA

21st August 2012
Found your music on Reverbnation. Vocals, songs, production . . . You've got it all! Just a matter of time! Good Luck!
RC (Songwriter), Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA

26th July 2012
Enjoying Midnight Rodeo. Great performance. Much success! - Bernie Landry, Dorval, Quebec, Canada

12th June 2012
Just want to say that we are really digging your sound and songs! Keep up the amazing work . . . Cheers
Western Avenue (Country Band), Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

10th June 2012
And The Sun Will Shine: A cross between The Beatles, The Byrds and Bob Dylan. I like it a lot!
Chris Stayt, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

6th June 2012
Midnight Rodeo . . . Great sound! Love it! - Frank Parra (Songwriter), Dallas, Texas, USA

6th June 2012
Great music, great arrangements, lots of interesting storytelling - Soupe (Band), Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

3rd June 2012
Nice tunes, great style. All the best to you! - Goldfire Dance Band, Woodburn, Oregon, USA

2nd June 2012
Hi Gordon, enjoying Must Be Love ! - Lili Kendall, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia :)

29th May 2012
Loving what I'm hearing . . . So Long Blues! . . . Gordon Wood, all your songs are so cool!
Cecilia McLaren, Pleasantville, New York, USA

23rd May 2012
Run Johnny Run rocks! . . . and listen to that voice! - Inleni, Aarhus, Denmark

17th May 2012
Hi Gordon, Your song And The Sun Will Shine reminded me very much of The Beatles. Wish you all the best
Alexander Port, Lier, Belgium

15th May 2012   Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2012
Just wanted to say a big thank you to Gordon and Phil for playing the Free Stage at this year's festival
Aileen Flanagan, Festival Intern, Cheltenham Festivals

3rd May 2012
Cool sound, great voice - Lex Roq Project (Rock Band), Lisbon, Portugal

3rd May 2012   Acoustic Night @ The Bayshill, Cheltenham
Hi Gordon, Enjoyed your first acoustic evening at the Bayshill last night. Well done to all who performed
Johnny Duff, Lydney, Gloucestershire, UK

1st May 2012
Hi Gordon, just listened to So Long Blues - cool tune, great production! - Katie Dix, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

28th April 2012
OMG . . . You are good . . . like your voice, feeling, music . . . I must come back . . . love from Denmark
Inleni, Aarhus, Denmark

13th April 2012
Superb music in the tradition of Dylan - Anchorage Alaska (Band), Motherwell, Scotland, UK

10th April 2012
Hello Gordon Wood. Lovely songs - Suzanne Cook, London, UK

5th April 2012
Hi Gordon, I love your song MIidnight Rodeo. Awesome sound! Keep in touch, Missy :)
Missy G Band, Union, Washington, USA

5th April 2012   HIGHWAY BLUES (EP) by Gordon Wood and Phil Bird
Great original sounds. Thanks from a Scottish based bluesmate - Papa Paul Thomas, Dumfries, Scotland, UK

4th April 2012
Playing Midnight Rodeo again. Great stuff - Steve Nichols Band, Mineral Wells, Texas, USA

4th April 2012
Great songs! - Annika Horne, Plano, Texas, USA

31st March 2012
'Highway Blues' E.P. - Great music. Pure and raw blues. Brilliant.  And The Sun Will Shine - Very different but still brilliant.
Love the vibe - Mark Parker, Leeds, UK

6th March 2012
Gordon Wood . . . Country . . . Rock Alternative . . . Great Music! - The American Britts (Band), Wood River, Illinois, USA

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