18th December 2011
Hello, Gordon . . . And The Sun Will Shine : This song, in my opinion, is the closest that you have, as yet, got to a "Bulls Eye" There is a rare haunting quality about this song, and I'm sure that you must know it as well . . . Well done
Chris Stayt, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

11th December 2011
You have a great sound and are an inspiration to bands like Route 64 - Route 64, Richmond, Virginia, USA

3rd December 2011
Great job on Midnight Rodeo. Caught a bit of Dylan influence there and it was great!
Danger Vain (Rock Artist), Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

2nd December 2011
Magnificent tunes! Keep it up! - Pace Ride (Rock Band), Sofia, Bulgaria

16th November 2011
Hi Gordon, Hope all is going well with you and your music. I always enjoy hearing your performances. Best wishes, Sue
Sue Trickey, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

11th October 2011
Midnight Rodeo - great song! Like that shirt, too! - Geoff Ward, Castletownbere, County Cork, Ireland

6th October 2011   HIGHWAY BLUES (EP) by Gordon Wood and Phil Bird
Great acoustic blues . . . Very, very entertaining and exciting . . . Amazing
Fatamorgana (Guitarist/Songwriter/Singer), Jakarta, Indonesia

21st September 2011
Very much enjoyed your music and wish you the best in all that you do
Blue, Cuban Connection Entertainment, Hialeah, Florida, USA

19th September 2011
Great songs and music - Robert Allen, Smyrna, Tennessee, USA

15th September 2011
Amazing music! Good luck. Love, Leslie and Kelly - Promize, Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA

11th September 2011
Great country sound and vocals on Midnight Rodeo - White Grizzly, West Babylon, New York, USA

5th September 2011
Great rootsy music - I love Highway Blues - Frankie O'Rourke, Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA

29th August 2011
Hi Gordon, Great songs here. I'm enjoying listening to you - Dave Guillemot, Blenheim, New Zealand

28th August 2011   HIGHWAY BLUES (EP) by Gordon Wood and Phil Bird
Very unique blues sound guys, Great stuff - Scott Smith, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA

6th August 2011
Lovin' Midnight Rodeo - Shootin’ The Crow (Band), Chepstow, Monmouthshire, South Wales, UK

5th August 2011   HIGHWAY BLUES (EP) by Gordon Wood and Phil Bird
Yeah, my cup of tea - great songs and slide! - John H. Schiessler, Munich, Germany

8th June 2011
Had a listen to Must Be Love and really enjoyed the song. Fine melody, super voice, lyrics and rockin' country style
Dean Jablonski, Georgina, Ontario, Canada

6th June 2011   HIGHWAY BLUES (EP) by Gordon Wood and Phil Bird
Love that dobro on Honey, You're Still On My Mind ! - Doctor Steve, Washington, DC, USA

6th June 2011
Awesome sound, Gordon. Keep up the good work. Best regards - Tony Minett, World of Guitars, Cheltenham, Glos, UK

12th May 2011
Really liking Midnight Rodeo ! - Ricky Alan Swanger, Santa Rosa, California, USA

10th May 2011   Cheltenham Jazz Festival 2011
Just to say thank you for taking part in this year's Fringe Festival on the Budvar Stage. Helped by the excellent weather, this year's Jazz On The Square was the best yet. The gardens were crowded all weekend and feedback has been fantastic. The great atmosphere was created and carried by the music provided by all you fringe artists. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and that you will be back in the future. Thanks again and best wishes for the year
Jemma Price, Festival Assistant, Cheltenham Festivals

19th March 2011
Hi Gordon, I've just been listening to and enjoying your music - Great songs. My particular favourite is Run Johnny Run. Cheers- Graham Butterfield, Exeter, Devon, UK

11th March 2011
Hey, great songs, great! - Donnie Stovall, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, USA

7th March 2011   Gig with Billy Walton Band from the USA (5th March)
Hi Gordon, just to say thanks for the gig . . . . . . If you ever get to play in Bedfordshire let me know and we will come along
Paul Winter, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, UK

2nd March 2011   Roadhouse gig (1st March)
Great show. Looking forward to seeing you again in May. Cheers !! - Glenn Baird, Birmingham, UK

17th February 2011
Gordon, I really dig your sound! Midnight Rodeo is an awesome song. Love the guitars and the lyrics. I'm a fan!
D.P. Pindell, Columbus, Ohio, USA

23rd November 2010
Hi Gordon, Very cool. We love your music here in Australia and wish you all the best. Great tunes . . . Keep it up - Beau Rivers
Beau Rivers Band, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

16th November 2010
Midnight Rodeo - Awesome country music from across the Big Pond. Thanx
Catfish Hooker and The Taildraggers, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA

17th October 2010
Gordon, man, your music's refreshing - what a change to here something different and exciting. Just great.
My wife and I are fans - Joseph E. Greco, Carson City, Nevada, USA

2nd August 2010
Must Be Love is a terrific track - Pat Branch, New York City , USA

18th June 2010   HIGHWAY BLUES (EP) by Gordon Wood and Phil Bird
Loved the slide work on Honey, You're Still On My Mind . . . and Highway Blues is as catchy as they come. Great work Gordon
Mr. E, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

1st May 2010
I have just listened to your live tracks. Wow, what a great sound. The atmosphere is electric. Must Be Love is my favourite. Kind regards, Denis - Denis Pintard, Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

19th April 2010   Gordon Wood and Phil Bird Live at Badlands Record Store Day Party, Cheltenham (17th April)
Thanks for putting on the show - really enjoyed it. The Willie Nelson cover Funny How Time Slips Away was superb - maybe better than the original. Let's hope to see you playing a bit more often round here this year!
Aaron O'Sullivan, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

8th April 2010
Just after midnight, I'm listening to Midnight Rodeo . . . love the vocals! Love the rest of your tunes too . . .
Run Johnny Run is a rockin' song - Sarana VerLin, Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

8th March 2010
You are an awesome mix of Randy Newman and Bob Dylan. Seriously, I know people who might buy your album. Cheers!
A.M. Schmitt, Kenosha, Wiscosin, USA

15th February 2010
Rock on Gordon! Great music - Charissa Mrowka and the Auburn Sky Band, Bristol, Wiscosin, USA

11th February 2010
Enjoyed your rocking music - Michael Weber, Tuckerton, New Jersey, USA

6th November 2009
A true artist . . . . Your music is pure and honest. Thank you for sharing - Brook Faulk, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

31st October 2009
It was tremendous seeing and hearing you in Gloucester. I'll look out for you Gordon - Keep on rockin'
Jon Brindley, Wigan, Lancashire, UK

15th October 2009
Great performance at the Cross Keys last night, Gordon! - Dave Camp, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK

6th September 2009
Greetings from New York City. Excellent music. Cheers on you - Mark Fisher, New York City, USA

26th July 2009
Hello Gordon, enjoyed last night's gig especially Little Queenie. You've got the real authentic sound. Best, Aaron
Aaron O'Sullivan, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

16th June 2009
Great song writing. Particularly enjoyed Run Johnny Run and Outside Loolin' In. Keep on Rockin'
C.J. Adams, Melksham, Wiltshire, UK

28th May 2009
Hey there Gordon - Just had a little blast of your music. Good stuff. I think you have a bit of a Neil Young / Bob Dylan vibe. KEEP ROCKIN x - Donna-Marie, Mancester, UK

24th May 2009
A lot of people play the blues, but only a few own them the way you do. I love it !!!
Dave Peaceman, Huntington Beach, California, USA

24th April 2009
Hi Gordon, sorry to take so long to reply to you about your disc . . . . . . Anyway, I must say I liked it. I thought Phil's slide playing on Honey, You're Still On My Mind was excellent and the track had a real Bob Dylan / Seasick Steve feel to it
Otis Mack, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

7th April 2009
Hi Gordon, Jan here . . . Just been on your website and very impressed with your songs and music. See you soon - Jan x
Janette, Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK

3rd November 2008
I like Graveyard Blues the best outta your playlist - Jazelle Wright, Cambridge, UK

10th September 2008
Hello from NYC! - I bet there are few longer time fans than I - since I was a keen follower of the Gremlins around 1965. I well recall the frenzied versions of Got My Mojo Working including that time you smashed the chair at Lyneham Village Hall.
Great to know you are still at it! - Joly MacFie, New York City, USA

21st March 2008
Hi. I was at your gig at The Prom Bar last Wednesday (March 19th) and just wanted to say thank you for a great night. I absolutely loved the Dylan numbers and your original stuff was fantastic. We will all definitely come along next time you play in the Bristol area so keep me posted. Hope to see you soon. Thanks again x - Wendy Wilson, Bristol, UK

30th January 2008
Hi Gordon, just had a look at your website. Very good. I love the selection of music on there
Otis Mack, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

9th November 2007
If only you would record My Fraulein . . . It would be a world beater !! - Orville Victor Matthews, Cheltenham, Glos, UK

1st October 2007   Open Mic Night @ The Cotswold Inn, Cheltenham
Hi Gordon, On behalf of the Outboys I thank you for last night at the Cotswold. The atmosphere was really good. Lots of happy smiling faces . . . It was a joy and I am looking forward to next week already! It's everything an open mic nite should be Alan Jenkins, Alton, Hampshire, UK

17th September 2007   Man In The Long Black Coat
Dear landlord, As I went out one morning, sitting on a barbed wire fence - it's alright ma (I'm only bleeding) -
I dreamed I saw St Augustine stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again.
Night after night down in the groove, knocked out loaded 4th tim e around,
I'll remember you on the road again, like a rolling stone. May you stay forever young, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum.
Geoff Ward, "Positively 4th Street", Bristol, UK

27th August 2007
Hi Gordon, great to view your website. Lyn and I have always enjoyed your music. As you know I've got two of your CDs and we like listening to them in the car - great driving music. Enjoy watching you with your band too, so get out there and do some MORE. Take care, you old rocker - Steve Kent, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

23rd July 2007
Just found this site, listened to the music. Enjoyed all the songs but LOVED Run Johnny Run
Gordon Wood (yes, I googled my own name and found you), Canada

11th Jauary 2007
What a fantastical trip down memory lane - reviving memeories of the last 25 years of a local legend. We would like to see an expanded gallery section and some live action footage. This would complete the Gordon Wood experience.
To many more years of music! - Orville, Dylan and Natallie Matthews, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

27th December 2006
I hope you're okay and things are going well for you. Good to see you're still involved in the music. Despite four Greenpeace gigs in Redditch, which went quite well, I finally gave it up around 1994. I guess It became very difficult as I was doing everything on my own - I did not have the same back up as in Chippenham. I still remember your set (with Simroy Harvey) at the Two Pigs in Corsham which was one of the best. Just to say Happy New Year and Good Luck in 2007. I may just drop by the open mic night one Sunday. Regards - Shane Lennon, Worcester, UK

24th December 2006
Hey there, Gordon! Nice to see you got a website at last! Are we to be first in your book? All the very best to you for Christmas and the New Year. We will have to catch you at the Cotswold one Sunday
Gabi and Alf Stokes, Birmingham, UK